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Ultrasound imaging, also known as a sonogram, can visualize the structure and abnormalities of organs in the abdomen and neck. It also helps to detect anomalies during pregnancy and monitor fetal growth. Color Doppler imaging helps to visualize blood flow within the body's arteries and veins.

Ultrasound Scan Procedure

Ultrasound, a medical modality harnessing sound waves to visualize internal bodily structures, Serves as a pivotal diagnostic tool for various ailments such as pregnancy, cardiac conditions, and organ impairments. Throughout the procedure, an ultrasound probe is placed on the skin and Elicits reflections of sound waves from within the body to construct an image projected onto a monitor that visual representation offers comprehensive insights into the dimensions, configuration, and positioning of the anatomical features under scrutiny Noteworthy for its safety and painlessness. Ultrasound stands as an indispensable method in medical diagnostics.

Ultrasound examinations are indispensable in diagnosing An array of conditions encompassing cardiac irregularities, renal calculi, biliary calculi, hepatic Maladies, pancreatic inflammation, appendicitis, and testicular afflictions.

Things to consider before taking an Ultrasound Scan

Before your scan, you'll be encouraged to drink plenty of water to ensure your bladder is comfortably full. Which enhance the clarity of the images, you may also be advised to fast for a few hours to allow your stomach and intestines to empty, as gas or stool could potentially obscure the ultrasound pictures. 

During the procedure, you will lie down on a comfortable bed while a soothing gel is gently applied to your skin The skilled technician will then move a small, wand-like Device called a transducer across your body, emitting gentle sound waves that create images on a screen. 

Ultrasound scans typically last less than 30 minutes and involve no radiation, making them safe and comfortable for adults and children.

  • Wear a loose and comfortable dress.
  • If you have any metal implants in your body please inform your doctor.
  • Eat light food before the scan.
  • If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, tell your doctor before you have a CT scan.

Wear a loose and comfortable dress.


If you have any metal implants in your body, please inform your doctor.


Eat light food before the scan.


If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, tell your doctor before you have an MRI scan.